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Understanding Your Business
It is important to observe a providers approach to developing solutions. How much time is the provider investing to learn your business, to understand how you operate, what issues are of concern to you, as well as, what are your plans for the future?

Ability to Support
Is the provider certified by the system manufacturer? Does the provider have experience with similar businesses? When you check references be sure to ask detailed questions such as: How long does it take for the provider to respond to a problem? Are the technicians courteous, neat, and helpful? How well does the provider communicate with their customers? Do they follow through and follow up? Is billing for services rendered timely and accurate? Additionally, you want a provider who will accept full responsibility, a single point of contact, for problem resolution whether the problem is found in the system hardware or software or is found to be with the local/long distance service provider. To protect your investment you want to select a provider that you can rely on for many years to come.

The Right Technologies
Voice, Data, and Video communications technologies have rapidly converged. In order to take advantage of this development it is important to select a provider that has not only the right products to build the best solution for your business but also has the technical skills to support, maintain, and upgrade the solution as the needs of your business change. You want to know that you are selecting a provider familiar with current technologies such as Wireless Communications, Voice Over Internet Protocol, and Unified Messaging.

Competitive Choices
You've heard the phrase pay me now or pay me later. Focus on price last. Often the best long term decision is not the low bid. Choosing the right solution may cost more today but will likely be more cost effective over the long run when you are not forced to discard it and start over when your business grows faster than you expected or your needs change. Choosing a solution with growth capacity and software flexibility can save thousands later on. Choosing a solution that can be programmed and serviced through remote access can be much less costly than one that requires on site support. Choosing a solution that can integrate with your data communications network can save on local and long distance charges. The proper solution and service provider will extend the life of the solution and increase you return on investment.

Payment Plans
Does the provider offer, in addition to cash, rental or lease options? Does the provider offer discounts for the prepayment of support plans? Does the provider offer fixed rates for multi year support plans? The right provider should be able to tailor payment plans to match your budget and cash flow needs.

The service provider should be, a strategic partner, focused on increasing productivity, lowering cost, eliminating downtime, and effecting an overall improvement in your business operations.