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Founded in 1973, Protecom, Inc. built its business by adhering to one simple pledge: "Promises Made are Promises Kept". The business was built one relationship at a time. Our commitment to this pledge has allowed us to serve some of our customers continuously since 1973.

Our formula for success is based on three fundamentals. First, is the value of respect for our customers, employees, and strategic partners. Second, to provide our customers state of the art technologies from industry leading manufacturers. Last but certainly not least is reliable support. Great technology is a good place to start. However, technology must be supported by an organization, like Protecom, that is committed to and has demonstrated the ability to apply this technology properly. This is necessary to develop effective solutions for diverse business environments. Equally important is after- sale support that assures timely response by competent technical personnel. This is necessary to minimize downtime as well as to effect system modifications as the business needs change.

We at Protecom would value the opportunity to build a relationship with you. See our contact page if you are interested in learning how we can help you today or just call me directly at 478-335-6169.

Randy Smith