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Managed Services

Prior to competition in the telecom industry the telephone companies provided telephone systems and maintenance for a monthly fee. The telephone company owned the equipment; therefore, assumed the risk associated with the operation of the system.

With the introduction of competition it became common for the customer to purchase the system and assume the risk. The expense of upgrades, maintenance, insurance, and taxes became the responsibility of the customer.

Today, rapid technological advances are well known. One only has to consider the ever changing world of cell phones and personal computers as examples. Because of this development, Protecom has developed a new approach to providing telephone service which we call Managed Service.

With the Managed Service Plan customers pay Protecom a monthly fee to provide the system and maintenance. Considering the fact that today telephone systems, like personal computers, are more about software than hardware it becomes increasingly important to keep the system software up to date for both delivering the latest functions and maintaining the system.

Under the Managed Service Plan, Protecom assumes the risk of providing the proper technologies, software upgrades, maintenance, insurance, and taxes associated with providing our customer's communication solutions whether the customer has a single location or a multi location enterprise. In addition, Protecom provides a single point of contact for problem resolution with the network service providers of local, long distance and private lines services. Protecom also provides consulting services to assist the customer in choosing which of the many competitive network service providers has the best solution for the customer as well as auditing services to assure the customer that the charges for these services are accurate.

The primary benefit to you our customer is that you can focus on what you do best, grow your business, while Protecom makes sure that you have the communication technologies to support that growth.